Monday, May 24, 2010

Put A Ring On It....!


Swirling Murano Glass & Sterling Silver Open Ring

The new Akuamarina collection is made of beautiful jewels in Murano glass. With an optical and hypnothic effect, these colorful rings will be a perfect stylish addition to your casual outfit. Made in Italy

• Adjustable. One size only
light blue-orange: In stock
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Dara Ettinger Heather Sunset Ring

The Dara Ettinger Heather sunset ring is inspired by the naturally beautiful colors seen in a sunset. The ring showcases a gorgeous agate stone, featuring shades of reds and oranges. The stone is encased in a gold frame, which leads to a gold band.

Size: Adjustable

Length: 1 ½ inches

Metal: 24k gold plate

Stone: Agate

Note: All stones will vary in size, shape, and color.

Price: $120.00

Style No: MC0510DE13

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